Kid Kreol & Boogie

UP. 27.06.2023

They live and work in Reunion Island

  • Sainte-Clotilde, La Réunion

The duo of artists Kid Kréol & Boogie (Jean-Sébastien Clain and Yannis Nanguet respectively) has been active since their teenage years. […] Their graffiti were at first inspired by 1970-1980s American street art, before they gradually broadened their style with the addition of references drawn from the culture and history of the Réunion Island – a history marked by an emptiness that the two artists apply themselves to fill, inhabit and re-embody. With this aim in mind, they have developed a mythology made up of sceneries (terrestrial and celestial), gods, goddesses, hybrid beings, and human and animal monsters. Their Mountain Men and Universe Men encourage us to imagine the geological and mythological origins of the island. […] They extract phantasmagorical and hallucinatory figures, energies, spirits and ghosts from the surrounding nature and from the everyday elements of their lives. These entities (human, animal, vegetal, mineral) generate a space that opens up the potential for the multiplication and creolisation of new narratives.

Julie Crenn, excerpt from TEXTES CRITIQUES SCÈNE RÉUNIONNAISE, 2019.


Astèr Atèrla

Group exhibition, CCC OD, Tours, from the 07/07/2023 to the 07/01/2024, Abel Techer, Alice Aucuit, Brandon Gercara, Chloé Robert, Cristof Dènmont, Esther Hoareau, Jean-Claude Jolet, Kako, Kid Kreol & Boogie, Stéphane Kenkle, Stéphanie Hoareau

Lé vivan !

Group exhibition, FRAC Réunion - Hors les murs / Parking du collège Antoine Soubou, Saint-Paul, from the 21/11/2023 to the 08/12/2023, Kid Kreol & Boogie